2019-2020 CGSA SECT Board Members

President - Samantha Powers

Samantha has been a part of the CG Family for 9 years!  She considers her hometown to be Mystic, CT because it is where her family has spent the longest amount of time.  Her favorite duty station was Boston, MA, but it was before she and her spouse were married.  Her favorite part about being part of the CG family is the support.  “Hands down. I literally just walked through BWI airport going to visit my husband for the weekend and connected with another military spouse in the boarding line. All we had to do was see each other’s dependent IDs and the looks we gave each other were identical- the “I’ve been there, sister” look. At each duty station I’ve found someone that has helped connect me to the community and it’s made every move and every absence that much easier.” Samantha is a teacher at a local high school. Most of her spare time out of school tends to be either shuttling her kids (girls 7 and 5) to practices and events, hiking or bike riding as a family, walking one of her three dogs or planning a trip to wherever she can take in new sights.  She has also started two businesses as a mil spouse so would say she also enjoys being an entrepreneur.

Vice President - Brianne Baxa

Brianne has been a military spouse for 7 years.  She considers San Diego, CA her hometown.  Her favorite duty station was Monterey, CA, but 18 months was not long enough. For Brianne, the best thing about being a part of the military community is having connections all over the country.  “When I found out my family was moving to SE CT, I was overwhelmed by the number of friends of friends I was immediately connected to.  Through those connections I was able to find a home, activities for my kids and make wonderful friends.” Brianne is an avid sewist and enjoys making clothes for her family.  After spending the past 5 years raising her son (5) and daughter (2), she has recently returned to the workforce to teach Physics at the CG Academy. 

Corresponding Secretary- Judith Tuttle


Treasurer - Amy Dornfried

Amy has been a military spouse for six years. She was born and raised in Connecticut and still considers it home. She’s “very happy to be home for a few years!” Her favorite duty station so far has been Kittery, Maine, but loves Connecticut too. Her favorite part about being a part of the Coast Guard community is exploring new places and meeting new people. In her spare time, she’s typically pet sitting several dogs so she enjoys going on walks or hikes. She also loves the beach! “I can’t wait to get to know all the CG spouses in the area!” 


Recording Secretary - Amy Wildhagen