The purpose of the Coast Guard Spouses Association of Southeastern Connecticut (CGSA SECT) shall be to provide a friendly atmosphere, which will promote the morale and well-being of our service personnel and their families. Additionally, this Association shall engage in any charitable and social activities decided upon by the members and provide educational information in areas of concern to Coast Guard families.




Article I: Name

Article II: Purpose

Article III: Membership

Article IV: Meetings

Article V: Nomination and Election of Officers

Article VI: Duties of the Officers of the Executive Board

Article VII: Residual and Cadet Cake Funds

Article VIII: Adoption and Revised By-Laws

Article IX: Amendments

Article X: Rules of Order

Article XI: Dissolution



The name of this organization shall be the US Coast Guard Spouses’ Association of Southeastern Connecticut. This is the designation hereinafter referred to as the “Association” under which the Association shall operate and conduct business.



The purpose of this Association shall be to provide a friendly atmosphere, which will promote the morale and well-being of our service personnel and their families. Additionally, this Association shall engage in any charitable and social activities decided upon by the members and provide educational information in areas of concern to Coast Guard families.



The membership shall consist of Regular and Honorary Members:

Section A: Regular Members

1.    The spouses and partners of active, retired, and deceased Coast Guard personnel, members of other services on active duty with the Coast Guard, and any other person interested in supporting the purpose of the club are eligible to become Regular members.

2.    Regular members shall pay the yearly dues prescribed to be eligible to participate in all activities, to vote and to hold offices.

3.    Suggested participation for Regular Members during an “Association year”* includes:

a.    Attending at least three of the Association’s eleven monthly meetings

b.    Attending at least two volunteer events, OR serving as an Association officer or chair.

                                          i.    Volunteer events include, but are not limited to: Day One, CGA Welcome Fair, Parents Weekend, Homecoming, and Cadet Musical.

4.     In the event that an eligible member is unable to pay annual dues, they may be sponsored by an existing member. Sponsored members are regular members.

a.    For sponsored members, the “suggested participation” activities listed above are mandatory in order for the member to:

                                          i.    Vote in end of year elections

                                         ii.    Be elected to an office for the following “Association year”*

                                        iii.    Be eligible for sponsorship again in the following “Association year”*

b.    For sponsored members that join the Association after January, only half of each mandatory activity will be expected.

5.    Community members who participate with the Association mainly or solely via the cadet cakes program (but do not pay annual CGSA membership dues), are entitled to attend Association events if they regularly and consistently support the needs of the cadet cakes program (I.e. bake at least one cake per month, serve as cadet cake chair, and/or regularly volunteer at cadet cake sale tables), but are ineligible to vote or run in elections.

Section B: Honorary Members

1.      Spouses of former Admirals of the Coast Guard and Superintendents of the Coast Guard Academy shall be honorary life members of the Association upon their acceptance.

2.      The Executive Board of the Association may bestow additional Honorary memberships by vote.

3.      Honorary members are not required to pay dues but shall have the rights of Regular members, except the right to vote and hold office.

4.      Honorary members who wish to have the right to vote and hold office may do so by paying the dues prescribed.

Section C: Dues

1.    Dues shall be determined by the Executive Board and may not be changed during their tenure. Members who pay their dues on or before October 31st will be included in the annual member directory. Members (new and returning) that begin participating in Association activities after January 1st of each “Association year”* shall pay one half (1/2) of the regular dues.

a.    As of July 2016: dues for the first year of membership will be $10, and dues for returning members will be $25.

b.    Board members shall pay the full $25 dues regardless of their new or returning status.

2.    Current memberships in other Coast Guard Spouses’ Associations shall be honored.


*For the purposes of this Association, “Association year” is identified as June through May throughout this document.



Executive Board, General and Special Meetings shall be held by the Association as needed and as described by the By-laws.

Section A: Executive Board Meetings

1.      Governing body of the Association shall be the Executive Board. The Board shall consist of an Honorary President, elected Officers and chairpersons of Standing Committees.

2.      Executive Board shall meet monthly at the call of the President. Special meetings of the board may be called by the President or at the request of a majority of the Board. A majority of members shall consist of a quorum.

3.      All Board meetings shall be open to the General Membership.

4.      Only Executive Board Members shall vote on issues presented at the Executive Board Meetings.

Section B: General Meetings

1.      General Meetings of the Association shall b held on a specified day of each month from September though May. The meeting day will be determined by the Executive Board.

2.      A quorum is needed to make major Association decisions. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the members present at a scheduled general membership meeting.

3.      Any motion, in order to be carried out, must be approved by a majority vote of those present and voting.

Section C: Special Meetings

1.      Special Meetings can be called by the President at any time deemed necessary.

2.      A special meeting can be called at the request of ten percent (10%) of the membership.

3.      All members shall be notified a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours in advance.



Section A: Officers

1.    Elected officers of the Association shall be the following:

a.      President

b.      Vice President

c.      Corresponding Secretary

d.      Treasurer

e.      Recording Secretary

2.    Regular members in good standing are eligible for election to office. Spouses of Active Duty Coast Guard personnel, at the time of election, shall fill the offices of President and Vice-President.

Section B: Election Procedures

1.      No later than mid-January, a nominating committee shall be appointed. This committee shall consist of three (3) regular members, not more than two (2) of whom are currently in service as an Officer of the Association. The President shall appoint the chairperson. At the March General Membership Meeting, this committee shall present a slate of candidates who have consented to serve. Additional nominations may be made from the floor with consent of the nominee.

2.      A written and/or electronic ballot shall be sent out to the General Membership to be returned no later than the April General Membership Meeting. The candidate receiving the majority of the votes cast shall be elected to the office.

3.      Newly elected officers shall be installed at an appropriate ceremony in the spring but may be called upon to serve earlier if necessary.

4.      Terms of office shall be for one (1), but no more than two (2) consecutive terms or until successors are elected.

5.      Vacancies in any office other than the President shall be appointed by the majority of the Executive Board.



Section A: Duties of the Executive Board

1.      The Executive Board shall supervise and direct all activities and operations of the Association.

2.      The Executive Board shall formulate policies of the Association.

3.      The Executive Board shall exercise control over the obligations and expenditures of all Association funds. They shall authorize an auditor to review the Association’s books. The findings of this report shall be presented to the General Membership.

4.      The Executive Board can establish any Standing Committees necessary to carry on the work of the Association. The chairpersons for these committees shall be appointed by the President.

Section B: Honorary Officer

1.      The Honorary President shall be the spouse of the Superintendent of the Coast Guard Academy.

2.      The Honorary President shall serve in the capacity of advisor and counselor.

Section C: Duties of the Elected Officers

1.      The President shall:

a.      Preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board, and convene special meetings as necessary.

b.      Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

c.      Sign all checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

d.      Be able to authorize expenses (not donations) up to fifty dollars ($50.00) without the approval of the Board. Such expenditures shall be reported at the next Executive Board Meeting.

e.      Appoint chairpersons of all Standing Committees.

f.       Serve on the Budget Committee.

g.      Shall make neither motion nor vote, except ballot votes, on any question unless the vote shall be equally divided, in which case (s)he shall cast the deciding vote.

h.      Perform other such duties pertaining to the office.

2.    The Vice President shall:

a.      Perform in the absence of the President all duties incumbent upon the President and shall succeed tot the office of the President in the event of vacancy.

b.      Assist the President in the performance of duties.

c.      Act as program chairperson and liaison to the chairperson of luncheons/socials and carry out all the necessary arrangement, including honoraria for speakers.

d.      Maintain, coordinate and schedule a calendar of association activities to be published in the newsletter and announced at monthly General Membership Meetings.

e.      Serve on the Budget Committee.

f.       Serve on the Audit Committee.

3.    The Recording Secretary shall:

a.      Record the minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership Meetings.

b.      Read and/or post the minutes of each General Membership Meeting of the Association and of the Executive Board upon the request of the President.

c.      Read and/or post the minutes of the previous General Membership Meeting for review and approval.

d.      Keep a current copy of the By-laws at all times and a list of standing rules if applicable.

4.    The Corresponding Secretary shall:

a.      Conduct all correspondence due to births, illnesses, and deaths concerning active Members and their immediate families (spouse, children, parents).

b.      Conduct all correspondence of the Association requested by the President and keep a file thereof.

c.      Send cards other items to Association members as designated by the Executive Board. In the event of a death, a $25.00 contribution shall be sent, at the discretion of member, to his/her charity of choice.

d.      Inserts regarding such correspondence may be included monthly in the newsletter.

e.      All other donations and/or flowers shall be at the discretion of the Elected Officers.

f.       Keep a current membership list on record.

g.      Act as a liaison to all duty stations in the Southeastern Connecticut and surrounding areas to raise awareness of club functions and promote the Purpose of the Association. Duty stations include but not limited to: R& D Center in Groton, CT, Coast Guard Cutter Eagle; CEU Providence, Station New Haven, Station New London, and the USCGA.

h.      Ensure that the CGA address is used in mailings for consistency

5.    The Treasurer shall:

a.      Maintain a checking account, receive, disburse, and account for Association funds upon authorization of the Executive Board.

b.      Keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements.

c.      Present a written monthly report for review and approval at each Executive Board Meetings.

d.      Report all transactions and the financial condition of the Association at all General Membership and Executive Board Meetings.

e.      Serve on the budget committee.

f.       Upon completion of the term of office, prepare an annual report, have books verified by an authorized auditor and transfer all monies and records to the successor.

g.      Present to the General Membership for approval expenditures of amounts over $250.00 dollars that are not covered in the budget.

h.      Send an e-postcard to the IRS annually stating that our income is less than $25,000.

i.        Supply Audit Committee with records of budget transactions at monthly meetings.

j.        Create and use Deposit Form, which would require a minimum of two verifiers’ signatures, in addition to club’s Reimbursement Form.

Section D: Standing Committees and their Duties

1.      Each committee chairperson shall solicit volunteers for their respective committee.

2.      Each committee chairperson is responsible for giving any checks (funds) and receipts to the Treasurer every 30 days and is responsible for attempting to collect on an insufficient check to the best of their ability.

3.      Committee Chairpersons shall submit monthly and Year-end reports to both the president and their successors.

4.      Special Committees are to be formed for short-term projects voted on by the Association, while Standing Committees should be formed for on-going projects.

5.      Names and duties of Standing Committees shall be:

a.      Membership Committee

                                          i.    Encourage new membership.

                                         ii.    Collect dues and maintain correct records of members.

                                        iii.    Compile and edit an Association roster and directory.

                                       iv.    Provide an updated roster to the Corresponding Secretary and News & Views Editor each month as necessary.

b.      Budget Committee

                                          i.    The Budget Committee shall consist of the incoming Treasurer, Ways & Means Chairperson, Cadet Cake Chairperson(s), President and the Vice President.

                                         ii.    Its purpose shall be to propose a budget for the Association year.

c.      Ways & Means Committee

                                          i.    The Ways & Means Committee shall plan activities and benefits to raise money for the Association.

                                         ii.    Be responsible for items ordered and sold and setting prices for merchandise.

                                        iii.    Prepare an annual inventory of Association property and supplies.

                                       iv.    Keys to the storage area in the Alumni Center and Hamilton Hall will be held by the Ways & Means Chairperson. Spare keys shall be held by the President and the CGA comptroller.

                                        v.    Serve on the Budget Committee.

d.      Cadet Cake Committee

                                          i.    Be responsible for mass mailings of cake order forms to parents of cadets.

                                         ii.    Purchase and distribute supplies to be used for baking and frosting.

                                        iii.    Maintain correct cake records of all cake sales.

                                       iv.    Monitor the timely distribution of cakes to the cadets.

                                        v.    Set prices for cadet cakes.

                                       vi.    Obtain volunteers to bake and deliver cakes to Watch office, CGA.

                                      vii.    Serve on the Budget Committee.

e.      Luncheons & Socials Committee

                                          i.    Shall select the location, date and time for each luncheon/socials.

                                         ii.    Prepare a list and collect money for reservations.

                                        iii.    Welcome Aboard Picnic, Wine and Cheese Reception, and Future Spouses' Tea.

f.       Parliamentarian

                                          i.    Advise the President on matters of parliamentary procedure.

                                         ii.    Be custodian of the By-laws.

                                        iii.    Maintain and bring a copy of “Robert’s Rules of Order” to all meetings.

                                       iv.    Review By-laws.

g.      Publicity Committee/Historian

                                          i.    Place announcements in the appropriate newspapers for all Association functions.

                                         ii.    Arrange for pictures to be taken at Association functions.

                                        iii.    Maintain scrapbooks for the Association year.

h.      Awards and Scholarships

                                          i.    The awards and scholarship committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Chip Boswell Scholarships, the High School Book Awards program, and the Academy Cadet Awards program.

                                         ii.    Recommend to the Executive Board for approval, the members of the Scholarship Selection Board which shall consist of at least three (3) Association members and may contain one (1) to two (2) non-Association member.

                                        iii.    Follow established Association guidelines for scholarships and awards programs.

i.        News and Views Editor

                                          i.    Be responsible for compiling and editing the newsletter.

                                         ii.    Be responsible for distributing the newsletter to the General Membership by the first week of each month.

j.        Sunshine

                                          i.    Be responsible for preparing volunteer roster of members willing to prepare meals.

                                         ii.    Coordinate with members to provide meals for any member in need due to, but not limited to, a birth, death or illness.

k.       Audit Committee

                                          i.    Committee will consist of the Vice President or two board members.

                                         ii.    At the monthly meetings, responsible for choosing 20% (approximately 3-5 items) of the month’s transactions and tracing the records back to the original documents.

Section E: Special Committees

1.      The Executive Board may form Special Committees for short-term project, single events and social groups. Special Committees at the revision are:

a.        Audit Committee

b.        Babysitting Coordinator

c.        Bowling

d.        By-laws

e.        Care Packages

f.         International Dinner Club

g.        Lunch Bunch

h.        Secret Pals

i.          Website

Section F: Association Representatives

1.      Association representatives shall attend the General Membership Meetings and report any news from their respective groups.

2.      Groups represented at this revision are:

a.      Officer Candidate School Representative

b.      Family Support Fund

c.      MWR Representative

d.      Retirees



Section A: Residual Funds

A cash balance to be determined by the Executive Board at the beginning of each Association year, will remain in the Treasury at the close of each fiscal year. This is to provide a steady source of funds available to the incoming administration in the panning for the execution of activities.

Section B: Cadet Cake Funds

A minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of the money donated by the parents (above and beyond the designated cake fee) shall go towards cadet-related awards and activities.



A By-laws Committee appointed by the President and advised by the Honorary President can be selected whenever necessary to draft new By-laws. The revised By-laws will then be presented to the Association. At the following General Membership Meeting, the proposed By-laws will be voted on for adoption. An updated copy of the By-laws will then be sent to the National Council of the Coast Guard Spouses’ Clubs.



The By-laws may be amended at any General Membership Meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the regular members present. Amendments must have been submitted in writing at the previous General Membership Meeting.



Parliamentary procedures as described in “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised” shall be followed in cases where applicable.



The Association may be dissolved by the unanimous vote of the membership. Upon dissolution of the Association, the remaining properties and funds shall be disposed of by the Executive Board after paying all liabilities of the Association. The property assets shall to the organization approved by the Executive Board.


Executive Board

President – Katie Walvatne

Vice President – open

Treasurer – Jessica Brandt

Corresponding Secretary – Crystal Simmons

Recording Secretary – Samantha Powers

Committee Chairs

Cadet Cakes - Jessica Brandt

Sunshine - Katelyn McCarthy

Ways and Means - Pat Simpson



Amended and Revised on: March 9, 2006

Accepted on: April 20, 2006

Additional Revision on: April 20, 2006

Accepted on: June 15, 2006

Amended and revised: November 2009

Accepted: February 2010

Amended and revised: September 13, 2018

Accepted: September 13, 2018


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